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ISASS Policy Statement – Lumbar Artificial Disc

Jack Zigler, MD,1 Rolando Garcia, MD, MPH, FAAOS2 

1Texas Back Institute, Plano, TX 2Orthopedic Care Center, Aventura, FL


The primary goal of this Policy Statement is to educate patients, physicians, medical providers, reviewers, adjustors, case managers, insurers, and all others involved or affected by insurance coverage decisions regarding lumbar disc replacement surgery.


This Policy Statement was developed by a panel of physicians selected by the Board of Directors of ISASS for their expertise and experience with lumbar TDR. The panel’s recommendation was entirely based on the best evidence-based scientific research available regarding the safety and effectiveness of lumbar TDR.

lumbar artificial disc, lumbar arthroplasty, Lumbar disc replacement
Volume 9 Article 7