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A Rare Case of T1-2 Thoracic Disc Herniation Mimicking Cervical Radiculopathy

H. Bahadir Gokcen, MD,1 Sinan Erdogan, MD,1 Gurkan Gumussuyu, MD,2 Sidar Ozturk, MD,2 Cagatay Ozturk3

1Istinye University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2Medicalpark Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey, 3LIV Hospital LIV Spine Center. Istanbul, Turkey



Thoracic disc herniation is not as common as other disc herniations seen at other levels of spinal column. Th1-Th2 disc herniation is an extremely rare condition. Physical and cautious radiological examination is significantly important for diagnosis.

Case Presentation

We report a 45 years old male case with complaint of neck pain radiating to right upper extremity. The physical examination revealed Th1 radiculopathy symptoms. According to his images degeneration at C6-7 level and right T1 root compression due to Th1-Th2 disc herniation at foraminal region were evaluated. The patient underwent hemilaminectomy, foraminatomy and discectomy at T1-T2 level via posterior approach.


T1-2 level thoracic disc herniation can accompany with cervical region problems and some syndromes can mimic Th1 radiculopathy symptoms. The aim of this case report is to keep on mind of this rare condition and to emphasize the importance of physical findings and correlations with magnetic resonance imaging.

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thoracic disc, radiculopathy, magnetic resonance imaging
Volume 11 Issue 4
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